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 newsletter 2007#01 (26/07/2006)

Ballot time - 269 days to go

Dear London runners,

Your next summer running event might be of more concern I presume while we are already approaching the 2007 London Marathon season. From Aug 01 onwards entries for the ballot can be sent in. As usual the procedure is different for British residents and overseas applicants.

British Residents
From Aug 01 in all major UK sports shops a free marathon magazine will be available which contains the entry form for the lottery. On the official page there will be published a list of all magazine stockists. The completed entry form has to be sent in before October 20.
For more information about the various ways to enter the London Marathon please look up www.london-marathon.info: how to enter or Annie The Mole's site How2go2.

Overseas Runners
To enter the ballot you first have to order the form. You are asked to send two international reply coupons together with a self addressed envelope to
London Marathon, 91 Walkden Road, Walkden, Manchester, England, M28 7BQ.
Within one week you will receive the entry form which you are asked to complete and to send back using the envelope you will get together with the entry form. Entry forms have to be sent in before October 20. The only way of payment is via credit card. For more information about the entry process please look up
www.london-marathon.info: how to enter.
I regret I have to inform you that your chances of getting in via the lottery are rather low. I guess it is less than 5 per cent. The only guaranteed way to enter is to book at a licensed travel agency. Look up the list of international agencies: www.london-marathon.info:Agencies.
If your country is not mentioned please contact www.sportstoursinternational.co.uk.

I am afraid there is no online list with accepted registrations available. All lottery applicants - British residents and overseas - will be notified in early December. If you see your bank account or credit card being debted at mid of November you already can be sure to be in - unless you have bequeathed your entry fee (only Residents ballot).

happy running at your summer events 
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