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  is a struggler 
by nature:

New year's eve run 
from Werl to Soest 1999

there are other
moments too:

New year's eve run
from  Werl to Soest 2000

and again beaming:

New year's eve run
 from Werl to Soest 2001


Work like you don't need the money, 
love like you have never been hurt,
dance like you do when nobody is watching
and catch me if you can!

"Tigerwoman" RW US Forum
with thanks to Ian for quoting it

Born April 9th, 1953 in Bochum, a town with a very big coal mining history in the Ruhr valley in Germany; however the last pit has been closed in the sixties and nowadays the biggest local employer is the German subcompany of General Motors, Opel, in English called Vauxhall. The Astra is produced here. English twin town of Bochum is Sheffield.

For 28 years I lived together with Angelika (she lead the local library) in Witten, neighbour town of Bochum. My sun Daniel attended the Viadrina University at Frankfurt (Oder) for cultural studies (study like you don't need any money ...) and now works for the German Historical Museum at Berlin.

English twin town of Witten is Barking-Dagenham, borough of London.

Since 1979 I have been working for Germany's biggest chain of petrol stations, called Aral. However, after spending all my holidays in Britain for more than 20 years it then happened to me that I suddenly worked for a British company. My firm and me had been bought by BP (that's a rhyme). I still hope this will not impact my view of my favourite holiday country (but I have to admit there was a different feeling developing ...
;-). Luckily I could escape to early retirement before too late.

l am not a member of a running club as I am not a member of any club. Once or twice a week I join a small group of fellow runners to visit the local woods. But I enjoy to run on my own as well. I don't need a CD player to carry with me on long runs and I can't understand people asking me what I think about when running alone for hours (what do they think when driving on the motorway for hours?). Anyway, when registering for a race I like to invent crazy names of clubs whose only member is me.

My favourite destinations in Britain are the Lake District where I have been on every top (*proud*) of the 165 fells higher than 2000 feet (just Pillar Rock is still  waiting for a short but tough climb), Snowdonia (70 peaks ticked off) and the west coast of Scotland, especially the islands. Countless Munros are waiting now since BP has sent me home.

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my running life statistics are just in german 
but be impressed by the numbers

my running star photo

"Better be a tiger for the day
than a sheep for a lifetime."

(Gillian and Barry Tucker about their sun Neil,
who died on Mount Pissis in Argentina.)




New year's eve run
from Werl to Soest 2003

New year's eve run
from Werl to Soest 2004

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