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Snowdonia-Marathon, 31/10/2004

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Enjoying Eryri

26.2 miles circling the highest British mountain south of Hadrian's Wall

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A stroll in morning sunshine.

The race starts with a walk. Warming up for 1 mile from the car park at Llanberis to the start venue at the village of Nant Peris.

The road is already closed for cars trying to come down Llanberis Pass.

The provided kitbags are collected at the start and transported to the finish.

1018 Jane Clowes, 5:18:22, 54. F
128 Robert Clowes, 5:18:24, 281. M

Time to move to the start line.

This lovely morning it is hard to believe that the event had to be cancelled due to bad weather two years ago.

The race always takes place on the last sunday in October. It is usually the day when the clock changes to winter time. This is fairly helpful.

Wales is bilingual and especially in North Wales Welsh comes first.

Welsh is spoken in daily life, kids learn it at school and all the media support the language.

The start venue is a spacious lay-by beside the main road at the edge of the village Nant Peris.

By the way - "Eryri" is the Welsh name for Snowdonia.

Runners are in relaxed mood, seconds before the take off at 9.30am.

Some dark clouds in westerly direction, but we were faster heading to the east when turning onto the main road.

Police and leading car are ready, too. With a field of 1000 runners a professional organisation is needed.

Here we go. 12 runners came all the way from Roissie en Brie in France as part of a twinning arrangement with Abergele Harriers.

1138 Noella Allaire (F), 5:01:04m, 15. F50
1139 Francoise Amarie (F), 4:49:54, 10. F50S

The village of Nant Peris, a former slate mining place, has to be passed before the climb starts to Pen-y-pass.

Quite a warm day for wearing thick tall hats. We are still in Nant Peris.

Now it's getting tough for the first time. Within 4 miles we move from a level of 300 feet to the top of Llanberis Pass at 1100 feet.

Just runners on the road. The mountain walkers had to come early this morning to be able to drive to their favourite high level car park at Pen-y-pass.

837 Stuart Pedley, Red Lion ABC,
3:53:11, 44. M40

Second stage: The long descent is a tough challenge for our legs.

8.5 miles between Pen-y-pass and Beddgelert bring us down to 200 feet above sea level.

Nant Gwynant is among the most beautiful valleys not only in Wales.

Straight ahead, still far away, guards Moel Hebog, the mountain towering above Beddgelert.

This is the lovely village of Beddgelert. Its only junction is jammed today as runners are passing by.

We are just before halfway point now. Leaving Beddgelert, an often underestimated longish climb follows the road to Pont Cae Gors, 400 feet within 2 miles.

Fairly level, but a very long distance follows, passing Rhyd Ddu, until Waunfawr is reached.

Straight on is the ridge of Moel Eilio, which has to be passed on its western foot (left side on the photo) before the final climb starts at Waunfawr.

Halfway up from the village of Waunfawr. This final and toughest ascent boasts with 700 feet within 2.5 miles.

Nearly everybody has to walk this part. And those brave enough to run are not much faster.

Every mile was marked accurately.

The top at Bwlch-y-Groes is crossed and all the rest is downhill now.

This is the prettiest section of the descent before it gets steep, very steep indeed. 900 feet in 2 miles.

In the distance is the Glyders range to the left while the flanks of Snowdon form the ridge on the right. The latter is used by the mountain railway.

Many thanks to the organisers for providing one of the many feeding stations high on Bwlch-y-Groes.

Good things come to those who run.
Finally we see a glimpse of Llanberis and Llyn Padarn. There is our finish line.

At the other side of the lake is Elidir Fawr, the Electric Mountain. Once you have visited the enourmous power station within the rocks, you wonder how the mountain still can hold itself steady.

Dennis Walsmley, from Bourton-on-the-Water in Gloucestershire, already celebrates his victory during the final lap through the village of Llanberis.
He completed a hat-trick of wins, after  being first runner in 1999 and 2001.

The taxi-driver from the Cotswolds is a 42-year old veteran runner.

From the 4-mile-marker onwards he was on his own all the way to the finish.

822 Dennis Walmsley, Bourton RR, 2:41:54, Winner Men and M40

Alison Sedman from Didsbury, Manchester, was successful for the second consecutive year. She, too,
is a veteran runner in her forties.
Only 18 men were fast enough to finish in front of her.

19 Alison Sedman, Belle Vue Racers, 3:11:59, Winner F and F40

This is the mile marker
marathon runners like most of all.

I was not the only German running around Snowdon. Jutta Price is German born, now living in South London, together with her husband Jed. She nearly caught up with him by a tremendous final spurt. He saved a margin of just 7 seconds.

Here she outruns Jessica Cunliff to finish 15th woman overall.

1040 Jutta Price, 3:55:36, 15. F
1048 Jessica Cunliff, 3:55:41, 16. F

Another moment which is worth the effort.

"Well done" is the most spoken idiom today.

117 Adam Shepherd, 3:54:35,
Brecon AC, 105. M

558 David Yapp, 3:54:37,
Ludlow Runners, 106. M

Crossing the finish line means dropping to the grass for many.

505 Paul Byard, 4:25:28, 90. M40

John Fisher had his heart transplant at the age of 38 in 2000. On his website he says: "I was sure I was going to die either before, during or shortly after the operation, well that was over four years ago and I am still here".
And how he is here! Meanwhile he completed 5 marathons, the London Triathlon and cycled London to Brighton four times.
Sharon is his personal trainer escorting him on all these events.

Don't miss John's own charity website to read more about his reassuring story (see links section at bottom of page).

John Fisher, 5:01:02, 122. M40
Sharon Krollig, 5:01:02, not in the list

Relaxing in the tea tent. Runners thinking about their dream came true.

342 Barry Shakles, 4:24:51, 89. M40

643 Hefin Hughes, 4:29:44, 223. M

17 James Morrison, 4:29:44,
Charnwood AC, 48. M50

-- Uli Sauer (GER), 3:52:50, 21. M50

Two really happy persons. Obviously winning keeps young.

Dennis said: "I love the giant cup and can't wait to get it home to fill the gap on my mantlepiece."

During a very nice presentation the first ten men and women and all veteran winners were honoured.

Every finisher got a small slate plate as memento, and certificates together with complete results will be sent later.




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see all 80 photos in a gallery

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