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New York City Marathon, 2005 Nov 6

Running between Mythe and Masochism

26.2 miles along the boroughs of New York City

Friday afternoon:

Easy jog trot through Central Park with a renowned advisor. Herbert Steffny (GER) finished third in New York 1984. Now he is in his 50s and still a top master runner.
(photo: www.interAir.de )

Saturday morning:

Gathering for the International Friendship Run, which takes us from UN Building to Central Park.
The distance is about 6.5K (4 miles).

United Nations:

15.000 runners listen to speeches by race directors and UN officials. Runners from all over the world are welcomed. Most overseas participants came from UK, Italy and Germany.

Saturday evening:

3 sorts of pasta are served, all you can eat.
Followed by fireworks. Some are already dancing on the tables, how will they feel tomorrow?

Welcome to the Race:

It can't be said too often:
"Thank you volunteers."

Green Bibs:

There are three different start areas. Blue and Orange get off from the top of Verrazano Narrows Brigde, while those with Green bibs start from the lower level of the bridge.

Waiting for take off:

3 hours of increasing anticipation until the
start at 10.10 am.

The kitbag is already handed over to the lorry.
These warm cloths are to be thrown away later. What will give more space in the wardrobe (which will be needed for the new running wear bought at the expo).

Seconds before the start:

Top runners in the Green pen, all trying to get to the first row.

Not the Belle Etage:

The green start at the lower bridge level is sort of dark. However, today it's a foggy morning anyway.

Sky without line:

Usually one should see Manhattan skyline when crossing the bridge. However, today we can hardly spot the boats on the river.

Heart of Brooklyn:

Lots of space for all the runners on the streets of Brooklyn.

According to schedule:

After 15 K we average a speed of 8 min/mile or 5 min/K. There are chip mats provided to stop the runners' time every 5K.

Preluding the grand final:

We have crossed the Queensborough Bridge
and now make our turn to First Avenue.

First Avenue:

It is not only a broad road,
it is a very long one.


Runners enjoy more space than spectators.

Mile 19:

The last photo I have taken en route. Later I needed all my energy to reach the finish line.

New York Marathon Scenes:

Well mooded,
but totally exhausted in the late stages.



New York City Views

Green Lung:

Looking from the top of Rockefeller Center to
Central Park. The Marathon finish line is in the park's left corner, close to the sheep's meadow.

Times Square:

Unlimited business, day and night.
Street lamps are not really needed here.

Big Apple Skyline:

View from Rockefeller Center to the South,
with the prominent Empire State Building.

An ocean of lights above the water:

Boat trip on Hudson River.
(photo: www.interAir.de )

Rockefeller Center:

Pre christmas skating.

Evening sky:

Romantic banks of Hudson River.



The route profile in meters as logged by my Polar monitor. A nonstop up and down adds up to more than 700 meters to ascend,
measured by segments of 5 seconds. (The start heigt of 100 meters is just notional.) But this is obviously too much, we had high differences in atmospheric pressure during the race. 2006 I recorded 390 meters what looks more reliable.

Update: Garmin publishes an elevation gain of 1475 feet = 450 meters.


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