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New York City Marathon, 2006 Nov 5

The New York City Bettina Marathon 2006

 German Bettina N of W was part of the world's biggest marathon ever


International Friendship Run:

Elsewhere it is called the breakfast run, here it appears somewhat more elevated.

Runners of numerous nations meet in front of the United Nations Headquarter to listen to the speeches conjuring everlasting peace for everybody. If it was a matter of running I would do some extra miles daily.

Paula Radcliffe receives the "Abebe Bikila Award" for her efforts for our sport.

New Germany 2006:

Does anybody care about Germans showing their flag nowadays?


Friendship runners get together.
Forenames open arms.

42nd Street:

Easy 4 miles to jog from UN at 1st Ave
to Central Park.

Grand Stand:

At the finish the friendship is supported by an abundant breakfast.
B. is feeling at home between Dutch runners.

Race Day Morning:

Cheerleaders greet the arriving runners constantly calling us the champions. We will have to verify this later.

Time to wait:

From arriving at 7am until the start at 10.10am there is plenty of time to wait for 30 minutes. If required more than once.

Furthermore there is entertainment provided, ecclesiastic support and -
most important - a breakfast buffet.

Mental preparation:

Early morning temperatures are around 
37F (3c). Some have brought their whole bedding. We can do with plastic blankets.

Start formation:

The orange start is for women only until number 8000. Men were threatened with disqualification should they dare to mingle in the female pen.

Luckily it was not taken that seriously at the rear.


Time to approach the start line.
Accompanied by the live sung Star Spangled Banner, followed by  omnipresent Frank Sinatra:

"New York, New York -
If I can make it there,
I'll make it anywhere."

His words are striking, for the route of the NYC is far more challenging than most other city marathons.

After the starting signal it took us little more than 5 minutes to actually cross the line.

Easy start:

The Verrazano Narrows Bridge comes with a height difference of 50 yards, but runners don't really feel it being in high spirits just after the atmospheric start.


Lots of music can be heared along the route.

This bagpipe group is happy to play in front of 38.000 auditors.

This one is for you, Mum:

Mama can actually be very proud
of her daughters.

Brooklyn, Mile 8:

All 3 starts are being led together now.
Brooklyn's Fourth Avenue provides enough space.

Downtown Brooklyn:

Spectators form a guard of honour
at the heart of Brookyn.


In Williamsburg:

After 10 miles running is still a pleasure.

First Avenue (1):

One who is able to smile here
will certainly enjoy the final stage.

First Avenue (2):

4 miles straight on.
With a constant and noticable up
and down.

First Avenue (3):

Lots of space for all the runners
and their long midday shadows.


First Avenue (4):

After 30K our chip time is just below 3 hours.

Split times are taken and officially  documented every 5K.


Crossing to the Bronx:

The Willis Avenue Bridge at 20 miles
is covered with a carpet to prevent slipping on the grid.

The pace runner of the 4:15 group is well on time, and we are even faster now.

High spirits:

On Fifth Avenue beside Central Park pleasant anticipation starts while dreams of the finish line become more and more real.

Long final spurt:

5K to go, and they are not the easiest. (compare route profile).


Bettina is already feeling like crossing the finish line, without neglecting her speed. 28:24 min make the 5K split between 35 and 40K her fastest of the race.

Final stroll through the Park:

Densely packed the spectators line the route at Central Park and support the runners at their final efforts.

Home stretch:

The final yards are run with fitting
colours at the side.

Her time of 4:08:19 let Bettina place
rank 14.589 of 37.936 runners total,
rank 2.934 of  12.329 women
rank 547 of 2.122 W40.


And next year it's up to you:
New York, New York.

The official documents: Mrs N. of W. did finish.

Like previous year I monitored the route profile with 5-sec-splits by Polar S625X. Counting the data adds up to
390 meters of height difference. Last year I noticed more than 700! Maybe there were strong changes of barometric pressure that time. However, (at least) 390 meters sound rather plausible to me.

Update: Garmin publishes an elevation gain of 1475 feet = 450 meters.

next New York City Marathon:
Nov 4, 2007

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