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This nice little programme is written by Axel Kohlmann to help runners to predict their race time by using a result achieved on a different distance.

Please note that ... 

... the calculation is done by JavaScript, which obviously means that your browser must have 
    "JavaScript enabled". 

... every field has to be filled in. If your run is shorter than one hour please put in: 0 hours.

... the calculator is based on kilometers. It would produce wrong results if miles are used. 
    To help: 10miles = 16.109 K, half marathon = 21.096 K, marathon = 42.195 K

... decimal numbers are put in by using points, not commas (e.g. 42.195  not: 42,195


I ran K in hours minutes seconds.

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I would like to know how fast I could run K.

Result: You will be able to finish in (hrs:min:secs).

Axel Kohlmann, get the calculator as JAVA-Applet .


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