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Having Finished

The details shown on this page are based on how the organization was the year before.
If you know of any changes please send a mail to keep your fellow runners up to date. - thank you

Behind The Finish Line

... you are offered your well earned medal. Abbott has its booth to hand over the 6-star-medal.

A few steps onwards you will be given a goodie-bag, containing your finisher t-shirt, more Buxton water, Lucozade (ggrr..) and a bar. Of course, you get a silver foil to warm your body.

It is remarkable how many volunteers care for you, and help instantly if there is a problem. So I was immediatly helped when I suffered from a cramp, which I got trying to speed up to finish. Many thanks to all the volunteers.

And you will be photographed as well, if you like (non-committal).

The Kitbag

The baggage vehicles wait for you behind the finish on The Mall. The area is closed for spectators and to get back your things you have to show your running number. So your bag seems to be fairly safe.

Showers, Changing

There are no showers at the finish. In case of bad weather conditions two indoor changing facilities will have been arranged. One is a covered car park on Carlton House Terrace (up the steps to Waterloo Place, then turn to the left). The other will be a tent situated off Horseguard Road. One can imagine how crowded these places would be.

Alright, having run 26 miles one shows tolerance with oneself and other people.

Find Family And Friends

This is a point you should better do some planning about it. There are around 40,000 finishing runners, and if just one relative is waiting for everyone, you can imagine the confusion which will develop.
Meeting points will be marked by the organizers. At Horseguards Road the trees carry letters, according to them people can meet referring to their names. It cannot be recommended to use this way. The area is too crowded.

The idea to meet at a less frequented letter, like Q or Z, seems to be created by too many other people. Perhaps you should make the effort to view the area the day before together with your companions and make your appointment properly. 


On Whitehall (parallel to Horseguards Road) there are some pubs, where you won't feel lonely. However, the road is closed which enables you to sit on the corner of the pavement enjoying your pint watching Downing street and reviewing the 26 miles. It was worth it again.

recommended: The Lord Moon of the Mall, Whitehall 16-18, map


Result lists and finish photos show chip time. The results are published immediately online and live at the official App. You can also print out your certificate online.

Getting home

Closest tube stations are Charing Cross and Picadilly Circus. It might be more convenient to take a bus at Trafalgar Square.


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London_Mall.jpg (60643 Byte)
Finish with royal surroundings: The Mall
(photo: The Times)

London_Medals.jpg (18167 Byte)
Well earned: medal place for every finisher
(photo: The Times)

Hearing nothing, seeing nothing
(photo: BBC)