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This proposal is made for fans, who are going to meet their runners as often and easy as possible.

Those who want to see their runner 3 or 4 times on route don't have a comfortable job. Your chase could easily result in stress. Accurate planning and personal calmness is helpful.

Above all you better avoid places where the crowds usually choose to gather. That is: In Greenwich the area around the Cutty Sark (museum sailor), the Tower Bridge (northern half) and the finish part from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace. However, if you don't aim to follow your runner but want to dive into the great atmosphere of the enthusiastic masses these are just the right places for you.

The Suggested Route

Certainly this is just one of countless ways to follow your runner. Of course I have to advise that my despriction is shown without any responsibility for the correctness and subject to ongoing breakdowns. Travelling through London you have to be aware of sudden interferencies. Whole stations could be closed due to overcrowding, bomb threat or robbery. Connections could be cancelled or your train could pass your destination without stopping. Best you look up the London Transport website before leaving for your London weekend. Probably there will be published final information regarding the London Marathon. (for all necessary hyperlinks see below).

I discourage supporters from travelling to the start venue. The check-in area is open just for runners. Spectators trail away somewhere in the vast place and the atmosphere is slightly tense and cool. You better make your way straight to Greenwich.

1st Viewpoint: Greenwich, Creek Road (Mile 6.7/ K 10.8)
station: Greenwich (Docklands Light Railway)

Take Docklands Light Railway, the elevated train, you already used to visit the exhibition, to get to Greenwich Station (direction Lewisham). I won't leave at Cutty Sark Station as this tends to be crowded and has temporarily been closed in former years.
To avoid the biggest masses take the footbridge to cross the track and walk along Tarves Way, Haddo Street, Bardsley Lane and Norway Street to reach Creek Road in about 10 minutes. From here you can try to approach Greenwich Centre (towards the runners) as far as you don't have to stay in the third row.

For 2nd viewpoint walk back to Greenwich Station and go on for 7 stations by DLR to Canary Wharf.

Alternative 1st viewpoint: Bermondsey, Jamaica Road (Mile 11.6/ K 18.7)
Station: Bermondsey (Jubilee Line)
This is for those who prefer the calmer places. The underground will be less crowded and along the route you won't have a problem to stand in front at the pavement.
From here to the 2nd viewpoint you go by Jubilee Line in just 5 minutes to Canary Wharf (direction  Stratford).

2nd viewpoint: Isle of Dogs, Canary Wharf, South and North Colonnade (Mile 19/ K 30)
station: Canary Wharf (Docklands Light Railway)

The marathon route is just below the station. You will aready spot the runners when approaching by the elevated DLR (see map linked below). Thanks to the route changes 2005 spectators can now spot their runners several times in this area. Therefore Canary Wharf is expected to become one of the really crowded places. Anyway, it is worth to try.

To get to the 3rd viewpoint again take the DLR to the terminal Bank only. Leaving the station walk for 150 yards along King William Street to Underground station Monument (see map). Here enter District Line or Circle Line (direction westbound) for 5 stations to Embankment.

3rd viewpoint: Strand, Embankment (Mile 25, K 40.2)
station: Embankment (Circle Line, District Line)

The route is directly at the foot of the station, along the Thames promenade Embankment.

Having seen your runner happily passing by you can easily walk to the rear part of the finish area. Walk for 600 yards along Northumberland Avenue to Trafalgar Square and turn left into The Mall.

It would be a good idea to arrange an accurate meeting point, preferably somewhere in St. James Park. Here the runner can relax on the grass and enjoy being looked after by his supporters.


overview map Underground/DLR (cutout) (jpg)
Greenwich Station - Creek Road (pdf)
Bermondsey Station Area (pdf)
Canary Wharf Station, South Colonnade (pdf)
Westferry Station, Limehouse Causeway (pdf)
Bank Station/Monument Station (change) (pdf)
Embankment Station, way to finish area (pdf)
finish area (pdf)

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