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Windsor Half Marathon, 21.09.2003
4500 Queen's guests running the Royal Park

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The town of Windsor certainly is dominated be the Royal Palace, just due to the mere size of the castle thereof one little corner is shown here. And of course there is the tourist crowd pouring in to visit the palace.
Sort of frightening the dark statue of Queen Victoria guards the entrance. However she is very popular with photographers and posing tourists of all ages.


"Long Walk" is a proper name for this straight lane which connects the castle with the statue of George IV 3 miles away. 
The rear half of it works as the start and finish of our Half Marathon.


The sponsors provide comfortable marquees for their runners. BP, my employer, stepped in as a "silver sponsor" and engaged the British Airways Band who made an attractive appearance both to ears and eyes.


Many thanks to Sarah and Jackie who cared for their running colleagues not only on this sunday but all around organizing the special comfort for us.
It was very enjoyable to have a home before and after the race.


Minutes to the start! No sweat to get into the pen just seconds before the gun. 
Immodestly I placed myself rather close to the front line.


Looking back there are waiting more than 4.000 runners to take off. Everyone equipped with an electronic chip at their ankle to transfer personal timing. 


We are off. Far back the castle can be spotted 2 miles away.


Half an hour before deer strolled around here. Now we are controlling the Royal grounds.
Approaching Georg IV we turn to one's left for a short and a longer circle through the park.


The first circle is already completed at mile 5. The pack is dense but lets enough space to everyone to keep to their own speed.
On route every single mile was marked by big orange signs on both sides of the lane.
2 drink stations per circle provided the athletes with liquid. However there was no food offered what might be missed by European runners.


During a half marathon in Britain you are likely to experience several kinds of weather.
Honestly there was bright sunshine just before the race.


Reduced daylight makes the photo shaking as I refrain from stopping for the snapshoot.
There is plenty to watch if you admire old trees. It is sort of a pity to rush through this beautiful park. 


This already is the home stretch. Definitely far too long as it is still a complete mile to go when one already sees the finish gate seeming close-by. 
Many a runner was out in his estimation and had to struggle to reach the line in style. I passed a number of runners who even had to walk facing the finish. I, too, gasped approaching the finish with decreasing speed.


It's done. The clock stopped at 1:35:04 for me. I didn't think of the chiptime otherwise I might have tried to make up for the 4 seconds.


The Royal Army advised the runners all over the route and kindly showed us the way.


And very kindly distributes the particularly nice medals.


Without all the busy volunteers such a runners' festival would not be possible.



Cheered by the BA band the winner of the BP Helios Harriers team is already named. Being the third in the team I finished not too far behind. And I am proud that I was able to contribute to the team's performance: Placed 12th of 69 male teams and third athletic team.

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