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30th London-Marathon, 25.04.2010  

Russian Victory at
Red London Marathon

Liliya Shobukhova and Tsegaye Kebede first home at inaugural VIRGIN coloured marathon

(photos: interAir 13,  Sauer 4)


London Marathon 2010 - Irina Mikitenko amid press

Defending Champion:

After 2 consecutive wins, Irina Mikitenko of Germany is the favourite lady amid the press.

Guinness Record Attempts:

As usual there are numerous attempts to get into Guinness Book or Records:
Fastest nurse,
fastest doctor,
tallest costume,
fastest cartoon character,
fastest firefighter ...

Leading Group:

After 11 miles two favourites are already missing.
Deena Kastor fell back early,
and what about Irina?

Champ on the margins:

Her dream of a third London win in a row is over. Irina Mikitenko had to quit after 11 miles due to foot problems.


Different to the brave ladies the leading men hide behind the front of pacemakers.

German "Most Timer":

Ulf Bosch probably is the one German who did the most Londons. He completed all 14 Floras und today's 1st Virgin is his 15th London Marathon in a row.

Hooked on London II:

After 11 miles my legs have shortened but arms are longer.

My addiction figure is 11,
saying that I haven't missed a London during present milliennium.

Hooked on London II:

Thomas Wessinghage of Germany, European 5000m champion in 1982, is still running at age group 55+ and completes his 7th London.

Guinness Record I:

Jean Paul De Lacy set an unexpected and unbelievable record as he finished carrying his 22 ft tall giraffe.

Despite obvious problems passing bridges and tunnels he made it to the finish after 5:55 hrs and had to bend down deeply to get through the final gate.

Quote: "I wanted to give up after the second mile, but I remembered my friend promised me a pint if I finished!"

q.v.: Virgin Blog

Guinness Record II:

The Caterpillar, 34 connected runners,
achieved an astonishing time of 5:13 hrs.

Within the group ran Sam and Holly Branson, children of Virgin founder  Richard Branson, and the very first member of the Royal Family completing a marathon: Princess Beatrice.

Her performance inspired her mother, Duchess of York, to announce immediately that she will take part herself next year.

Mr Virgin:

Empathy with the sponsored event can't be bigger! Sir Richard Branson, founder and owner of the Virgin Group, runs his first marathon at the age of  59 Jahren, "helped" by butterly wings, in respectable 5:02:24 hrs.

Sample costume:

The pair of ostriches is just one example of countless costumes worn along the route. These wings did help less: Flight time was 5:41 hrs.

Virgin red champions:

Tsegaye Kebede (ETH) is second fastest man worldwide behind
Haile Gebreselassie, based on average of his recent 3 marathons!

Liliya Shobukhova (RUS),
previously disregarded 3rd in London, now is the world's best female marathon runner, holding victories in Chicago and in London by season's fastest time.


Statistics London-Marathon 2010
Applications: 162,000
Accepted: 51,266
Finisher: 36,564 thereof 12,140 Frauen (33.2%)
Last time registered:  9:34:24 hrs
Next race: 17.04.2011


Top Ten 2010

1 Kebede, Tsegaye (ETH) 02:05:19
2 Mutai, Emmanuel (KEN) 02:06:23
3 Gharib, Jaouad (MAR) 02:06:55
4 Bouramdane, Abderrahime (MAR) 02:07:33
5 Kirui, Abel (KEN) 02:08:04
6 Gomes dos Santos, Marilson (BRA) 02:08:46
7 Tadese, Zersenay (ERI) 02:12:03
8 Lemoncello, Andrew (GBR) 02:13:40
9 Kifle, Yonas (ERI) 02:14:39
10 Jones, Andi (GBR) 02:16:38


1   Shobukhova, Liliya (RUS) 02:22:00
2   Abitova, Inga (RUS) 02:22:19
3   Mergia, Aselefech (ETH) 02:22:38
4   Bekele, Bezunesh (ETH) 02:23:17
5   Tafa, Askale (ETH) 02:24:39
6   Akaba, Yukiko (JPN) 02:24:55
7   Bai, Xue (CHN) 02:25:18
8   Smith, Kim (NZL) 02:25:21
9   Ozaki, Mari (JPN) 02:25:43
10   Yamauchi, Mara (GBR) 02:26:16


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www.virginlondonmarathon.com  officielle website

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