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The details shown on this page are based on how the organization was like the year before.
If you know of any changes please send a mail to keep your fellow runners up to date. - thank you

How to get to the start

Travelling to the start is not by underground but by train which you can use free of charge as long as you have a running number. The conditions allow to enter the train either at Charing Cross, Waterloo East or London Bridge. I suggest to enter at Charing Cross, the train will be crowded arriving at the further stations or even full. However, there some trains starting at London Bridge.

Your running number is valid as your train ticket just on raceday and only on the shown route from the mentioned stations to enter to the following stations to leave.

Bue Start: go to Blackheath 

Red Start: go to either Greenwich or Maze Hill

Green Start: go to Blackheath

Since the Dockland Railway line has been extended to  Greenwich Station it also can be used for transport to the red start. Please note that you have to buy a ticket for DLR as the fare is not included within your number.

The walk to the blue or green start will take around 15min, to the red start 20min. 




Train times 2008

before entering blue assembly area
(photo: Angelika Scheil)

Race Start Times

Elite women start at 9.00am.
(Blue start only)

(Blue start only)

At 9.45am the elite men as well as the UK Championship and the mass start together.
(all starts)

Map of start area (enlargement)
To print take map as PDF-file.
Map is copyright The London-Marathon Ltd.


Assembly area

There are fenced areas (separate for blue, red and green starts) open just for participants. Here you find information desks, drink stations, countless toilet cabins and the baggage vehicles.

On your running number you will see a small zone number (1-9) which marks the starting pen where you are asked to line in (on the basis of your predicted race time). 

The pens are as follows:

1: < 3:00
2: < 3:15
3: < 3:30
4: < 3:45
5: < 4:00
6: < 4:15 
7: < 4:30
8: < 4:45 
9: just to finish

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